Why Influencer Marketing Will Grow In 2018

Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable sources of marketing, especially via the Internet. Big time names and even micro influencers are making a difference for brands over several niches on a global scale, making it almost impossible for it not to expand further in 2018.

Throughout 2017 there has been phenomenal interest in influencer marketing which has subsequently led to many new blogs and YouTube channels being created. Covering all major sectors like gaming and other smaller, upcoming, trends like veganism, the effect that influencers can have is staggering.

Blogging continues to become a competitive market with bloggers from all backgrounds jumping onto the PR wagon. Despite the goal to becoming a highly influential platform, many blogs become classified as a micro influencer. This is a market where size doesn’t matter, but instead the conversion rate. These micro influencer blogs are more tailored to specific niches which benefit from highly targeted audiences. This kind of influencer marketing is becoming more popular with brands as the benefits are sometimes more fruitful than when working with bigger names with less sales. It’s this rise in micro influencing that is providing the basis for more and more specialist blogs to enter the market.

That being said, there is still a large amount of demand to work with big name influencers. Huge blogging names like Zoella are heavily affected by influencer marketing. Being sent PR materials and collaboration requests are both ways of sparking working relationships to enhance the image of a brand and their product. The collaboration aspect of influencer marketing can prove useful to a brand as the same product reaches not one but two groups of followers. With the added elements of social media and being able to share the content, the outreach of an influencer campaign can be incredible.

The steady foothold that influencer marketing has gained through the big names like pewdiepie has paved a promising future in this marketing strategy. As more customers and potential consumers head to the Internet instead of flicking through pages of magazines, it’s becoming more of a necessity for brands to head towards influencer marketing in order to keep up with the times. Businesses must keep up to date with online trends so they aren’t left out. It’s this exact notion which ensures that influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2018.

Related decreases in paper products like magazines and books further enhances the chances of influencer marketing increasing through upcoming years. Advertising is a valuable source of income online with adverts being available in more prominent positions than on a paper format. Being more visible and up-front gains more views, making marketing campaigns easier to execute successfully. With blogs on board the promotions are much more seamless and encourage more readers to view the product in question.

Shopping trends and product popularity will continue to change through 2018 and in the years ahead, but by adopting influencer marketing brands can stay on trend and get their products out to a large but targeted audience.