Why Rappers Are Influencers

Everyone can name some rappers, whether you listen to their music or have just heard the name before, you don’t have to be into their music to come across their names and influence. You may hear of them through the news, on awards shows or even some slightly less well-known rappers from the music kids are listening to. Rap has a big influence on our society, a lot of younger people relate to the rappers with their lyrics feeling like they relate to their personal lives and the complex and emotional time they are going through.

These kinds of influencers have started to be known as urban influencers. An urban influencer is someone who has a following of people who like who they are or what they do and because of this they trust them. Sometimes companies will approach these individuals and ask them to promote their product or message through their own channels in order to reach a target market in an effective and trusting way. Because of this, rappers have a big influence over what trends and brands a lot of people may be buying.

Rapper’s will have a following of people that relate to their backgrounds and music and will hold them as a role model or an inspiration, their fans will trust them and their tastes and styles, in many cases mimicking them in look and brands. If someone’s favorite rapper starts wearing all Adidas, you can guarantee that their fans will start buying and wearing a lot more Adidas due to the rapper’s influence.

Some see the urban influence rappers have as an issue. A lot of their fans will be younger people, in their teens, some from troubled backgrounds, looking for a role model. The issue comes from the content of a lot of rapper’s lyrics, you may have heard of some rappers, but many people would struggle to name any rappers who rap about positive things, like going to school on time and respecting the police. Many people believe that this means that rappers are a bad urban influence, in some case encouraging violence against police and each other.

Rap is an ever-growing type of music, parents and teachers on the past have tried to stop younger people listening to this type of music, but with modern technology this can be hard. People can use many portals and devices to access music anywhere and anytime. These urban influencer’s hold a lot of power as their pull becomes even stronger when the ‘tyrannical’ parents they sing about take the form of a teenager’s parents trying to stop them listening to their music.

Of course, not all rap is bad, the vast majority of rappers are just singing about personal experiences and feelings, they know others can relate to this by the way they write their music, but are encouraging people to avoid the same mistakes they made. Rap is just a kind of music that a lot of teenagers can relate to as they go through challenging and confusing time and because of this and the way music can be accessed with modern technology, many rappers can become significant urban influencers.